“Ascension Crystals” Easter 2020


When I was in Tucson AZ at the crystal show this February just a couple of months ago I had no idea that life would be like it is now. I could not understand the crystals that had come to the surface to be released to earth I could not see how they fit the energy. But now in 2020 hindsight, it all makes so much sense. I had no idea Easter would be canceled, hugs would be canceled, and many lips would not touch for months to come. These most beautiful crystals call themselves Ascension Crystals. They hold within them ley-lines of light and possibility’s to come. They hold rainbows and love and portals of the future. They come to give us Hope in crystalline form.

Like Jesus himself walking in the gardens to pray, this Easter demands the same of each person, church  and earth family. This Easters global prayers will be sent out with a clarion call loud and clear as there is  only one prayer on our lips. This Easter even Peter rabbit feels lonely and blue, the Cadbury bunny does not taste as sweet and our baskets are empty of so much. Easter is a time of Ascension of moving our heart, mind and prayers up to a higher level of light and love. Asking to be lifted to a place we do not stumble, asking to be lifted to a place of safety.

Ascension by definition is the path of those who are choosing to consciously step into a higher level of light. It’s a personal choice to assuredly step into the unknown (like Indiana Jones/ or Josh Gates)  in order to expand into a new dimensional experience. A place we have not ever been before like a twilight zone. Ascension is actively choosing to evolve into higher consciousness becoming one with your higher Light self, opening your human heart connecting with your God heart.

Ascension is not something that happens to us on a certain date or season, ascension is a process of aligning with the Divine without loss of self or awareness. It doesn’t happen instantly, but rather happens gradually without being observed. Ascension is multidimensional for all species the divine light expands thru time and space unending. The ascension process has an impact on everything, it is a total transformation becoming one with Source. Becoming a conscious God light, becoming a living spark, is not for wimps. You are living light incarnate. The universe is experiencing reality through your eyes and mind. Ascension is the act of rising to a higher level of perception seeing from a holy angle of Light and life. The word ascension describes the act of rising up through the air. The noun ascension derives from the Latin word ascendere, meaning “to mound, ascend, or go up.”

Quartz Crystal is a powerful stone; it enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. It channels universal energy. Quartz also enhances thoughts, it is extremely beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection, and channeling. It is also beneficial for storing and retrieving information of all types. Quartz is a stone of clarity which dispels negativity and clears away negative energy. It can be used to purify and clarify on the spiritual, mental, and physical planes. It is also strongly protective. Quartz enhances spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom. Psychically, quartz is a powerful stone. It is used for protection because it counters dark energy and protects from negativey.. Quartz can access ancient wisdom and bring it into the present. It is a very good stone for astral travel, manifestation, scrying, channeling, dream recall and dream work. Quartz is a Master Healer stone. It is an excellent all-purpose healer. It amplifies healing energy. It is said to draw out pain. Quartz fortifies and strengthens all systems of the body.


#12 ASCENSION CRYSTAL weighs 14 oz./ 3″/ Cost $55 includes shipping USA extra for Canada and International


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