Arcturian Healing Code Crystals


Arcturian Healing Code Crystals

As I began to work with and align with these new crystals, I was driving towards town and the mountains (I do a lot of energy work in my vehicle)  looking inward for these crystals truths/ name/purpose/etc. I had a UFO on the way to the Post office. This is a mountainous area for once The Sky was clear perfect blue. As I looked toward the English mountains in this clear blue sky a single cloud began to form and morph, with a small round rainbow energy that seemed to project from it. I was in traffic so could not get a good photo; however I was immediately struck with the thought that this was an Arcturian Healing Light ship.

In all my years and all I have seen per UFO in the skies and underwater I have not once thought any were associated with Arcturus. Arcturus to me was always an interdimensional portal a dimensional contact not a real one. This sky craft was a shadow within a perfect ufo cloud which then split into many small shiny craft that surrounded the cloud.  I felt all the eyes in the sky on me and the post office where I was now standing, open mouthed, in the center of the parking lot. Then in a blink the show was over and the world started up again. Being my first contact via sky craft with the Arcturians in all of these years I knew it was important.

When I got back in car and picked up this crystal I felt a pulse and connection. The Arcturian healing is wonderful no strings attached they are like a cosmic paramedic.  Their healing technology has always been available for those of earth as they offer healing beyond our present means. I have worked with the Arcturian technology for years, ever since reading Joshua Stone’s Ascension Series.  Those books are timeless teachings that apply across all dimensions.

The Arcturian light ships are highly evolved, the entire craft is actually a living healing vehicle. Once you connect with the energy of the Arcturians you are basically actively hooked up and in the healing system so to speak. However like any Honorable Star Being that healing offering needs your permission for the connection, it will not be automatic. These beautiful crystals are naturally powerful and pretty just by themselves but they have now come to house the Arcturian healing codes.  The crystals  will be your personal activation device to connect with the Arcturian light healing ships. As soon as you hold your crystal, bond and give permission for the healing (body mind spirit) to begin, you will feel the difference in the crystals vibration. It will come to life like a memory stick that has found its port.

Strawberry Quartz is the name given to this beautiful sparkly  pink Quartz that contains a mixture of Goethite and Iron oxide creating a ‘sister stone’ to Rose Quartz. This crystal encourages living de-light-fully in the present moment. This stone creates an instant loving atmosphere starting in your head, moving to the heart. The frequency of Strawberry Quartz opens, activates and stimulates the heart chakra so that one has a heart centered awareness. It teaches you how to view life from the highest vibration of self-love and universal joy. This stone supports the emotional body, helping to heal and release negative emotional patterns from all incarnations. Strawberry quartz is a great crystal companion that will lighten your step and thought processes.

The Goethite within strawberry quartz is an excellent stone for loss; loss of a loved one, loss of a dream, loss of a pet. It has a strong vibration that relieves grief. This stone helps to release past life feelings and patterns that no longer serve your highest good, It asks you to ‘take it easy’ on yourself. These stones help if you are affected by the earth changes, emotionally or physically. Goethite attunes the physical body to the ethereal body and the emotional body to the etheric body.  This stone helps to open the inter-dimensional heart and mend past emotional hurts both real and imagined, calming the soul for more pressing matters.

Arcturian Healing Technologies
Following are some of the many wonderful love and light technologies that have come forth from the Arcturians via Joshua Stone and his series of ascension books. The Arcturians use the highly advanced computers on their ships to do this work. Once you are on line, so to speak, in the computer banks of the Arcturian ships, the slightest request instantly is answered.

Light Quotient Increase And Strengthening The Physical Body Through The Arcturians

This golden key has been so indispensable in my manifestation that I use it every day. I call to Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians for a 100% light quotient increase, along with a healing and strengthening of whatever parts of my physical body need attention.

At other times I ask for help in balancing all the meridian flows in my body. I do this sometimes before bed, and I find I sleep better. I also do it after typing for four or five hours. You all know the feeling of how the body can ache after typing or sitting at a computer for a long time. I make this request and usually within fifteen to thirty minutes I feel my entire etheric system come back into balance.

Calling On The Arcturians In Extreme Situations

This golden key is for people with chronic health problems. For those of you with this spiritual challenge, I recommend running the Arcturian energies 24 hours a day on a consistent basis. Keep praying to the Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians for a 100% light quotient increase and healing of the physical body part that you’re having trouble with. If the energy doesn’t feel strong enough ask them to increase the frequency. Keep asking over and over again for an increase until they do it to a level at which you can really feel yourself percolating so to speak. If you feel yourself beginning to fade and not feel well again, call them back in and ask for more light and healing in that area. Call in the Arcturian liquid crystal technology every day followed by the golden cylinder a half hour later. This will keep your field clear and energized.In extreme situations when I am not feeling well, I will ask to go to the mechanism chamber on the Arcturian ships to be worked on. When I am extremely fatigued and in emergencies, I ask the Arcturians for a total revitalizing and energizing of my physical body. I have found this to be an invaluable tool.

Arcturian Liquid Crystal Technology
This Arcturian tool is the Arcturian liquid crystal technology. Upon request, the Arcturians will siphon into your four-body system and chakras a type of liquid crystal that immediately will deactivate any and all negative energy. Often I will use this process first and then call in the golden cylinder.

The Arcturian Golden Cylinder
The Arcturian golden cylinder can be called for directly from Lord Arcturus, and it will be lowered down over your four-body system. It will remove all kinds of toxic energies, and I have used it to remove unwanted implants, elementals, etheric mucous, parasites and any other imbalances on any level. It is like a huge magnet drawing out impurities.
Then as the cylinder is lifted up off the body, it pulls out any remaining residue. I have found that the combination of these two completely clears my field every time. These tools have been a Godsend in the healing of all of my bodies and in my ongoing clearing process. They also are ascension accelerators. I use these tools any time I feel myself getting unclear or contaminated from involvement with life lessons or during the sleep state.

The Arcturian Prana Wind Machine
This golden key is the Arcturian prana wind machine. I have found this tool to be invaluable. Call for the Arcturians to anchor this into your energy field. It is a fan that is lowered into the heart chakra, and it blows all negative energy right out of your energy field. It realigns and clears your nadis, or etheric wiring, and your whole etheric lightgrid. It also helps to clear your veins and arteries. It has had a very strengthening effect on my physical vehicle. I have used this anytime that I have felt any negative energy in my energy field.

The Arcturian Joy Machine
The Arcturian joy machine is another amazing Arcturian tool. It has a wonderfully beneficial effect on the emotional body. Any time I feel emotionally low, I will call for the Arcturian joy machine. I’ll make you a bet. Right now call to the Arcturians for the Arcturian joy machine to be activated, and I will bet you ten light quotient points that you will not be able to stop smiling and even laughing. I have shared this with friends and they have been completely blown away. The Arcturians will send you pure ninth ray joy, and you will not be able to be depressed even if you wanted to be. Nothing is more healing then joy. Ascension, joy and love are all connected. Use this tool to help cultivate the Christ/Buddha quality in your daily life.

The Arcturian Plating System

This is a key dispensation I received from Lord Arcturus. This was an anchoring of the Arcturian plating system into our chakra systems. Lord Arcturus said that this advanced technology, metaphorically, could mail a letter in 18 seconds which normally would take the chakra system three months. These advanced technologies, which one by one were anchored in over time, literally resurrected my entire being.

Arcturian Reprogramming Of Your Biochemical Etheric Makeup

The next golden key is to ask Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians to reprogram your biochemical etheric makeup to make sure it is in accord with your physical body structure. In my case at one point my spiritual, mental and emotional bodies were evolving faster than my physical vehicle, so the Arcturians had to upgrade my biochemical etheric makeup to create consistency within my four-body system.


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