Ancient Goddess Wisdom Grid


When I first saw these wisdom grids I was so excited like seeing an old friend. I did not look closely at all the delicate symbols of the power platform I was focusing solely on the energy and geometries that were coming from the grid. It within itself is a time capsule of memory and wisdom that seeks to be remembered. It has a million and one uses, answering and asking questions simultaneously. This power piece is a portal, and a window thru time. It holds an ancient goddess encoding that seeks to be recalled. It holds the truths of the moon phases, the astrology alignments, ancient dates, sacred words of evoked celebration.

Since my PORTAL ZOOM workshop this past week I have gleaned even more insight and wisdom as to how to use such a living teaching tool. I have used it with my mercaba pendulum and found it to be accurate in energy and intention. I have used it with the glyphs pointing in a specific direction and the glyphs picking what direction they want to sway. It, as any teaching tool, awakens what is sleeping within the student no matter how old they are or how much they think they know! This Ancient Goddess Wisdom Grid awakens a simple deep truth. As I said its uses are endless, you can use it as a forgiveness portal, a healing portal for yourself and others, a prosperity portal, a place that is sturdy and strong like the wood it is cut from.


Each one of these Ancient Goddess wisdom grids is 6″ wide,  imprinted on wood weighs 3 oz. Cost is $22.00 includes packing and shipping USA


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