Amethyst Earth-Points


Amethyst Earth-Points

As I was cleaning out my crystal cupboards I ran across a group of very powerful crystal I had set aside for a future release. These beautiful amethyst earth points are powerful points of violet energy. They are solitary points of amethyst light that have many facets and secrets of their own. They are crystal beings that seek to be used as a tool of vivid purple light.

They are teachers and students of the universe and that is what they transport most. They hold the violet flame as it waits to transmute what is harmful to humanity. They are connector crystals, bridging heaven and earth, and all dimensions. They are powerful crystal transmitters and receivers.  Like a computer upgrade and update these amethyst earth-point crystals come to give one the latest cosmic truths, inter-planetary insights and divine knowings,

Ancient Egyptians used the amethyst to guard against guilty and fearful feelings. It is worn as a protection from self and others, as well as a protection against dark magic and psychic attack. The amethyst has long been used to open all spiritual and psychic centers. It symbolizes devotion, humbleness, genuineness and spiritual wisdom. Amethyst wants to focus your healing energy and Light. when you use it in meditation it increases your light flow and clears the energy field. Use this powerful stone during the dream time as an ally for protection and direction while traveling thru the dream realms.

 This crystal is a Scepter crystal. It focuses spiritual energy from higher realms into the center of a thought, a dilemma, or problem. Scepter crystals were used in healing ceremonies by priests /priestesses in Atlantis and Lemuria. They were symbols of power and were passed down generation to generation. Scepter crystals point the way home, helping us find our true power. They give us the power to reclaim our self-confidence in order to fulfill our life’s purpose with passion.

The Scepter says “when you cannot find a way out, look up!”

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