2023 ‘Christmas Crystal’ Gifting

2023 ‘Christmas Crystal’ Gifting

This Christmas gift someone you love with the perfect crystalline power piece, A one of a kind unique crystal. Thru out the years I have collected some very powerful crystals that seek to be activated and placed with their perfect caretaker. Most of these crystals are smaller affordable pieces but genuine works of celestial creation. It would be my honor to find them their ‘forever homes’.

I have been a crystal clearinghouse for the last 30 years. Every crystal I have ever received or ever sold or given away has always given me a gift and a powerful profound truth. A gift I didn’t even know that I Needed. Throughout the years I have gifted many with crystals and stones each one meaning something to the receiver. We all need help sometimes, that help often comes in forms that we least expect. Each crystal and healing stone on earth has been infused with a Great Light and Mission. They are treasures that seek someone to reveal their inner beauty and bounty.


I will intuitively, with the help of the Universe, pick the perfect Christmas crystal for the person you seek to enlighten.  The cost for said power piece which includes mailing in USA is $33.00 it will come with information about the crystal and its use.

Email me thequantumawakening@gmail.com for more info. Christmas is right around the corner so do not procrastinate to long.

Also Please give me the name of the person receiving the crystal, their birthdate, and a little insight so I can tune into the perfect crystal for them. Let me know if you want to send directly to them or to your address.