2024 Crystal’ Gifting

2024 ‘Crystal’ Gifting

Hey Ya’ll, I provided this Special Service during the holidays and I was thrilled as to how it manifested itself fully. As you all are aware you just never know how Spirit will show itself in any situation. Each  gift crystal was a magnificent specimen and the channeled written message was so moving I cried doing each of them. They were soul awakening and heart touching and I was honored to have done each and every one.  blessings Gillian

I have been a crystal clearinghouse for the last 30+ years in these east Tennessee mountains. Every crystal I have ever received or ever sold or given away has always given me a gift and a powerful teaching. A gift I didn’t even know that I Needed.  

In this ‘Crystal Gifting Service’ I will intuitively, with the help of the Universe (of course)  pick the perfect ‘Gift Crystal’ for the person you seek to gift or for yourself if you seek enlightenment.  this service includes a personalized channeled-written message (about the Crystal and its Receiver) 

The cost of this service is $44.00 includes mailing in USA.  Please make payment via Paypal to thequantumawawakening@gmail.com 

Email me thequantumawakening@gmail.com for more info. 

Also Please give me the name of the person receiving the crystal, their birthdate, and a little insight so I can tune into the perfect crystal for them. Let me know if you want to send directly to them or to your address.