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Before this year’s 11:11 happenings I did not realize exactly what these powerful crystals and stones were aligned with; after this 11:11 the message was totally clear. I will share this realization with you all to help you understand the true purpose of these powerful stone elements and how they are assisting us with the hollow earth energies.

I have been celebrating the 11:11 star-gates for 29 years, loving every minute of it. The energies’ always came from above downloading humanity from the heavens to earth. This year when I was channeling about the 11:11 flow of light the universe says it was coming from inner earth this 11:11, they called it a great release and revealing gift. For most of these twenty-nine 11:11 gateways I have held large workshops. Due to lives demands and confines I was not able hold a workshop this year. So I sat in all  of my star-girl glory aligning with all of those worldwide that were actively celebrating the 11:11. At 15  minutes till 11:00 am I could feel the energies start to gather strength like a great tidal wave of light, my body began to pulse as I linked light to light, and heart to heart globally.

The baby waves of light came one by one increasing in power until I could not see them as separate waves anymore. This felt as a great planetary cleanse via an old fashioned cosmic washer. It felt as though I was in a rip current and the only way out was to just float allowing the energy to take me where it wanted.

At precisely 11:11 EST a great surge of light came forth from inner earth literally knocking me off my kitchen bar stool and rolling my eyes back in my head.  I thought for sure i was going to Ascend on 11:11 like a cosmic joke.This was the first time any 11:11 gateway had been aligned with  a great living pulsing light coming from inner earth instead of the heavens and I did not know what to do with it. As I sat on my barstool at the kitchen table I could actually feel the light surge begin to lift my stool and lift me as well. I could feel myself continue to lift up until I got to a point of almost blacking out, it took every inch of my humanness to keep me conscious. Like a bull rider I held on for dear life, I felt like I was straddling the geyser ‘Old faithful.’ I was so altered I went outside immediately to ground my self, to No Avail. How do you ground yourself to a grounding light that is lifting you to the heavens?

I called on all of the earthly elements to show me what to do, I was in overload and could barely stop myself from floating off. I texted those who I thought could help and they each had their own experience going on and were hanging on for dear life as well. Between 11:11 am and 12:12 pm I rode the waves of light going thru two more powerful inner earth surges where I almost lost myself again. I felt lifted up to the heavens via a living geyser of Light and this goddess was starting to freak.

The earthly elementals told me to stop trying to ground deep into the earth as I had in the past for it would be like grounding in quicksand. They said to ground to the outer layer of earth, the crust, the tree roots, the ancient mountains, so I held on for dear life. (another friend of mine was at work and she literally had to hang onto the building she worked in.)  The elementals told me to hold on with dear life to the exposed parts of earth above and right below her surface; to ground like bamboo shoots with rhizomes.

The earth’s crust is the hardened cooled part of the earth it ranges in depth from 3 to 44 miles. This layer makes up only 1% of the entire volume of the earth. So this Goddess stretched out like a Gumpy on a hot day, covering all of my bases. Like a large earthquake, these 11:11 tremors of light continued all day pulsing from the inside out, I felt like I was seasick and disoriented.

It was these two types of powerful Hollow Earth crystals that aided me on the 11:11 surge, showing me balance and power and how to ride these new waves of inner earth Light that would be coming our way thru 2022. Like a crystal surfboard waxed with olive oil, I was learning how to balance between two worlds. From what I understand the light we have been calling on for years now comes from a storehouse of inner earth/ hollow earth light that is composed of elements we have not experienced before nor do those elements exist in our world. I continue to learn from and understand these new truths as I embrace these energies from a different angle of Light and thought.

The Hollow Earth (aka Inner Earth) is a concept originally held by Edmund Halley (of Halley’s Comet) in the late 17th century proposing that the inner earth is entirely hollow.  Correlating the density of the moon to the density of the Earth, Halley concluded that because the moon was denser, it was possible that Earth had some kind of emptiness in the center. Almost every ancient culture has a story about the inner realms of Earth, as well as civilizations and people in the center of the Earth. The beings of inner Earth have been described by various explorers as the “Elder Race” and tower over humans with their lanky 12-foot-tall stature, Inner world animals and plants are scaled up the same.

The Elder Race was described as very friendly to the people of outer earth that entered their realm.  Not only were they friendly, they are highly intelligent and scientifically advanced. These beings have superior life spans, living upwards of 400 – 800 years. Many of these beings live in Agartha an ancient underground city that resides near the center of the earth. The entire city is said to be lit by a wall of diamonds that is holding back a flow of lava (Admiral Byrd called this the Second Sun). The Hollow Earth was found by Admiral Byrd during one of his expedition flights over the North Pole. Because of his discovery, Byrd was one of the first to propose the Hollow Earth theory.

These very powerful beauties are aligned with the inner earth flame-light that moves thru the millions of miles of crystal networks that exist between inner and outer earth.  The crystal flame is aligned with the inner earth energies that seek an outlet. Like an inner earth corneal mass ejection these crystal come to display their power and teachings via the configuration of a flame, allowing you to embrace the Light without losing yourself within its ever-changing structure. Like one who rides a fake Texas roadhouse bull instead of real one, these Hollow earth flames teach you how to ride the many geometries of the upcoming surges. Practice makes perfect as we all learn to surf these new waves of light in our own unique purposeful way. Allow these powerful crystal to stand by you on the shorelines of learning, like a lifeguard on duty.

Black Tourmaline is a powerful electromagnetic mineral, it is a teller stone; pointing one towards what is causing distress. This is a purifying stone that deflects and transforms negative energy, while forming an energetic barrier of protection. Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone for protection including psychic protection and EMF protection.  It sucks up any negativity it encounters but does it, what it does is actually transmute the negative energy into positive energy.  This stone is often used as an aura cleanser as it both repels and transforms adverse energies. It helps release lower frequency thoughts and Shields against unwanted energies. Tourmaline is said to amplify psychic energies, dis-spell fear and grief.

Halls of Amenti Crystals 

‘Pink feldspar, Quartz and Black tourmaline’


These very interesting stones come as instructor crystals to give us truths that are yet to be appreciated. They house within them black power lines of information that seeks to be applied and received. They seek like minds that are willing to let them connect in a inner earth way. These crystals are not playful like some but rather show a very strong opinion as they are awakened from the Halls of Amenti holding the inner earth teachings. They are here to heal the frayed and afraid heart lines of Mother Earth and her people. The Halls of Amenti are ancient beyond earthen time. They were created millions of years ago, An unrecorded historical event broke the Akashic records, setting them free from the planet earth to live in another place and time.  That ancient memory resides within a many-splintered DNA sequence.

The memory of mankind has been manipulated, but it cannot, by divine decree, be wiped out completely. A sliver of the Halls of Amenti still lives within mankind. Like a child, too long in the womb, this sliver squirms and pushes against its surrounding wanting freedom from what it sees as constrictions. The Halls of Amenti are actually a dimensional twist in space and time which is located within the earth. There is an ancient creational force within the Halls of Amenti that seeks to awaken, and awaken it did this 11:11 gateway. The Halls hold Light-Masters, Great Beings suspended in time that cleave to the light encodings for planet earth.

There is only one way into the Halls of Amenti, but once you get there it is like being in fluid time and space. The Halls of Amenti sit several dimensional overtones higher than the Earth but within the earth itself.  During the age of Atlantis the Halls were on the surface of the Earth. After Atlantis it lowered itself to inner earth for safety. It is here the living Halls reside until the cosmic clocks ticks off the right combination of numbers and energies to activate it fully. That my dear friends was this 11:11:2021.

These very powerful crystals are Earthen Anchor stones and come to teach us about what we still cannot see clearly within the inner and outer schematics of Earth and her true purpose.  These crystals are no-nonsense with a powerful purpose. They help one to attune to one’s own evolution even if it seems in stasis. They ask us to look ‘as above so below’ with the Earth being the above and the Hollow earth being the below.

Deep in Earth’s heart lie the Halls of Amenti, far ‘neath the islands of sunken Atlantis, Halls of the Dead and halls of the living, bathed in the fire of the infinite ALL. There in the circle from aeon to aeon, sit the Great Masters, living a life not known among men. There in the Halls of Amenti they lie sleeping; free flows their Soul through the bodies of men. Time after time, while their bodies lie sleeping,

Incarnate they in the bodies of men. Teaching and guiding onward and upward, out of the darkness into the light. Mighty and strange, they, veiled with their power, silent, all-knowing, drawing the Life force, Different yet one with the children of men. Aye, different, and yet One with the Children of Light. Custodians and watchers of man  ready to loose when the light has been reached. (from the Emerald Tablets)

Feldspar comprises almost 60% of the Earth’s crust, making feldspar the most common mineral on Earth and also the perfect grounding stone when the inner earth surges and releases powerful energy. Pink Feldspar assists one in detaching from old patterns while supporting and encouraging unconventional new opportunities. This stone supports the discovery and healing of blockages and issues regarding self-love.  Feldspar may be helpful in locating that which has been misplaced this could be an actual physical item or maybe a lost dream! Feldspar has been found in space rocks, tektites and meteorites This stone has the ability to help one communicate with inter-galactic intelligences.  This stone knows how to find the hidden messages within self.  This stone is wonderful to use if you want help removing things and clearing out. This can be clearing out clutter, toxic people, thoughts, and creating a deep introspection of self. When you work with this stone you are going to feel more in tune with where you want your life direction to go. This stone shows you the bigger picture. This stone helps you to build positive energy reserve for the future.

Black Tourmaline is a powerful electromagnetic mineral, it is a teller stone; pointing one towards what is causing distress. This is a purifying stone that deflects and transforms negative energy, while forming an energetic barrier of protection. Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone for protection including psychic protection and EMF protection.  It sucks up any negativity it encounters; it does not absorb negative energy it actually transmutes negative energy into positive energy.

This stone is often used as an aura cleanser as it both repels and transforms negative energies. It helps release lower frequency thoughts and Shields against unwanted energies. Tourmaline is said to amplify psychic energies, dis-spell fear and grief. Tourmaline aids in clarity by helping us to move beyond limited ways of thinking.   Black Tourmaline is useful for people who are sensitive to radiation from cell phones, computers, TV’s and electrical equipment.


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