12:12 The Magic of Mary Virtual Zoom Workshop


Virtual Zoom Workshop With Gillian MacBeth

DECEMBER 11, 2022

SUNDAY 12:12 PM  to 2:22 PM EST   Cost $33.00

To Register email Gillian thequantumawakening@gmail.com 

This workshop is filled with Magic, Miracles, Meditation and MARY!

The vibration of all that is Mary through time and space comes forth to bring gifts to the table of light in the month of December. They come forth in the form of a Marion light that wishes to bestow blessings of plenty  upon Earth. They come forth through time space and ethers to announce their Cosmic charitable contributions to humanity. Like all Feminine hearts that carry a vast light through time they’ve  never given up on those they love.December 12:12 has always been a Holy vibration for it holds the Mother Mary energy: the energy of grottos in the mountains, prayers on the cliffs and love in the light of a candle.

12:12 holds every shade of Marion that has graced this Earth and wore a mantle of pure heart.

This virtual workshop comes as a reminder that in the midst of a season of Giving in the form of financial demands there should is a place of peace that one can enter and embrace the true Heart of Christmas. Like a child that magically enters a snow globe, this Workshop is about bringing the magic of all that is Holy into the cell structure of those that are willing to hold it. Become a living Christmas light in this season of magic feel the power and presence of the Divine feminine face of God and all she offers as a gift to earth.

In this magical and empowering workshop we will energetically visit many of the global Marian apparitions and sightings, we will also look into the fourth seal of Fatima, ask to access the Marion dead sea scrolls and much more, plus lots of secret and sacred messages will be birthed this class

12:12 leave old habits behind, literally, new beginnings, blessed beginnings, sanctified beginnings.