Phoenix Rising Stones

Phoenix Rising Stones

These beautiful  raw natural stones are filled with all that instructional of healing and rebirth. Peacock ore is part Copper and Pyrite. As with many multi colored stones the interconnectedness creates an entirely unique energy and color vibration. Each stone displays an exclusive array of colors, reflecting the tail feathers of a Peacock. Peacock Ore is one of the most powerful stones for chakra healing it has the ability to align all chakras and open your crown chakra. These beautiful healing stones call themselves ‘Phoenix Rising stones’.

Pyrite is called “Fool’s Gold”. The properties of Pyrite are prosperity, abundance, manifesting great wealth and ‘burning away that which is no longer needed’. The name Pyrite comes from the Greek word “pyr” meaning ‘fire’. Sparks would fly when it struck another surface.  Pyrite is named “Fool’s Gold”, because of its similar sheen and color to real gold.  Gold is always found near Pyrite and the only thing foolish about finding “Fool’s Gold” would be not to search a little farther for the real thing.  In ancient times Pyrite was used for scrying. Shamans used it as “a stone of power” and is labeled the “Healer’s Stone”. This stone uses intelligent protection. It enhances brainpower, memory, and psychic abilities. Pyrite shields the user from negative energies; it blocks energy leaks and mends auric tears. It is a great stone for treating physical and mental burnout. Use it for clearing muddled thinking and depression. Pyrite creates a flow between right and left-brain. Cleanse and recharge Pyrite under the rays of the Sun.

Copper is considered a lucky metal; this mineral combats lethargy, restlessness, and non-acceptance of oneself or life circumstances. It stimulates initiative, and independence. Copper provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies. It has been used successfully to amplify and transmit thoughts. Copper works with all of the chakras to pull in energies from higher realms into the physical world and body. Copper positively influences the blood and circulation of the body and is antimicrobial. Many hospitals coat their door knobs in copper to prevent cross contamination.  Copper has the ability to conduct spiritual energy back and forth between individuals. It has the power to amplify thoughts and psychic communications.

Peacocks are the noblest of birds with a very regal nature. The Peacock spirit animal represents purity and integrity. Shamans use peacock medicines to awaken dormant clairvoyant abilities. Peacock feathers play a major role in ritual healings and ceremonies. Seeing a peacock means that one will find joy, happiness, and abundance in their life. The peacocks feathers have an association with resurrection, rising out of the ashes. They can help us shed the old feathers of the past and to take back the true splendor of our being.

The peacock is aligned with the mythical Phoenix, which rises and is reborn from the flames and ashes of its funeral pyre. The eyes on the peacock’s feathers represent the ability to see into the past, present and future;  viewing the cycle of birth, death and resurrection. The vibration of the Phoenix rises to the surface of our inner being as we too go through the fires of change looking to be rebirthed into a higher light and truth. We seek a way out of the emotional deluge, as our world under goes change after change. We seek immortality in a mortal existence as we watch those we love struggle to stand upright, only to fall to their knees.

The Phoenix is a mythical sacred fire-bird with beautiful feathers of gold and red, purple and blue. A phoenix lives for 500-1,000 years. Tradition says that the Phoenix fed only on air, harming no other creature. It lived a solitary life in a far-away land, coming to human-inhabited land only when it was ready to die.  When the Phoenix knew its time had come, it flew to Arabia where it gathered myrrh, laudanum, nard, and cassia. Carrying a great load of these fragrances in its wings, the Phoenix flew on to Phoenicia.

There, it chose the tallest palm tree and built a nest from all the substances it had brought. At the next dawn, the great bird faced the rising Sun and sang in a beautiful voice. The heat of the Sun ignited the fragrant spices, the nest of myrrh and the great Phoenix burned fiercely. After nine days, a fledgling Phoenix rose out of the ashes. A few days later, when its wings were strong enough, the young Phoenix gathered the ashes of its parent putting them in an egg and flew them to Heliopolis the city of the sun in Egypt. There, the Phoenix put the ashes of its parent in the solar egg on the altar in the Sun temple. Legend says the phoenix existed when the universe was created. The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth making it immortal and invincible. The Phoenix never died permanently

I bought a ton of these beauties still plenty left. This group of stones comes as a 3-pack in an organza bag. Weigh approx 7 +oz. total / 2″ approx per stone. Cost $22 includes shipping USA extra for international postage. 



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