‘The Completed Heart’ Rubellite Tourmaline


The Completed Heart’ Rubellite Tourmaline

This powerful pink energy heart stone is perfect for this month of deep heart Healing. Rubellite Tourmaline, also known as Pink or red Tourmaline, is a stone that represents the completed heart. This beautiful stone resonates deeper with the Heart Chakra than other heart-stones. It connects the heart of the Earth to the heart of the Universe.

Pink Tourmaline is not indigenous to Earth but was actually materialized into this world by higher lifeforms. The crystal is now being mined in the Andes, in South America, by modern-day alchemists. Rubellites are mainly found in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria and Pakistan. Sparkling in many different hues from tender pink, pale rose to  intense violet and daring ruby-red,  each hue reflects true light and  loving heart.

The Ancient Egyptians thought that pink tourmaline made its journey from the center of the Earth and then passed over a rainbow. Used by shamans in African, Native American, and Aboriginal tribes, this stone was thought to bring healing powers to all that held it. This teaching stone expands one’s awareness of true abundance by the Opening the heart chakra full-throttle. Rubellite Tourmaline activates a direct pathway between the Base Chakra and the Heart Chakra. This is also an excellent tool for balancing the right/left hemispheres of the brain.

Tourmaline has the ability to become electrically charged simply by heating or rubbing it. When charged, one end becomes positive and the other negative, allowing it to attract particles. Rubellite Tourmaline helps neutralize the harmful effects of microwaves, computers and other electronics and deters people from picking fights.

This powerful stone may also  be used for harmonizing the feminine energies and lends strength to women.  Tourmaline has always been a shamanic stone, providing protection during ceremonial work. In industry, Tourmalines are used as electrical tuning forks for conducting television and radio frequencies. They are used since high frequencies can be passed through them without shattering.


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