Peruvian Whistling Vessels

The Peruvian Whistling Vessels

Peruvian Whistling Vessels Alter Consciousness by producing “phantom tones”

inducing a shamanic state

Whistling Vessels are clay ‘pots’ or ‘bottles’ of the ancient Inca that evoke shamanic visionary experience.  Some say they were used to call in spirits for protection during ceremony. These are possibly the oldest biofeedback device known to man. The Inca started producing ceramic whistling vessels in 500 B.C and continued for 2000 years, until after the Spanish conquest of Peru in 1532. For over two thousand years the vessels were part of ceremony generation after generation. After this date the vessels ceased to exist!  The Spanish, who kept detailed and bountiful notes, did not once mention the vessels. What is just as mysterious is that the Peruvians, themselves, never left any decipherable record of the vessels or their use. When an individual died, his or her whistling vessel was such an intimate, personal artifact that it was not passed on to the family, but instead taken to the grave to accompany the person into eternity.

Andean creation legends say that the Creator made the first men and women from clay which was then breathed into to form. In Andean creation legend it is believed that “clay and breath” were the primordial elements of mans creation.  The people who inhabited Peru believed that human beings were made of earth and brought to life through the breath of the Creator, so we can see the connection between man and the Whistling Vessels. For centuries, archaeologists were finding these vessels at burial sites and sacred places, but their meaning and use was shrouded in mystery.

Peruvian whistling vessels were created and tuned with great skill. The resulting effect produced an entheogenic experience. On April 27, 1972, Peruvian whistling vessels reawakened through a person named Daniel Stat. Daniel, a prosperous east coast businessman, purchased a vessel at an estate auction. He happened to serendipitously blow through it and the resulting experience changed  his life. His story can be read in “Animated Earth” Berkeley: North Atlantic Books, 1987. Peruvian whistling vessels are not musical instruments. They sacred relics are pre-Columbian artifacts which have recently been re-discovered to be highly effective psycho-acoustical instruments, capable of rapidly inducing an altered state of consciousness which lasts as long as the vessels are being blown.  Sound has long been associated with shifting consciousness and enabling the player / listener to contact other realms.


When the whistles are played on their own they sound simple but effective at clearing the energy field but when combined with a other vessels they sing like Gabriel’s trumpet at a jazz fest and become the powerful healing vessels they were birthed to be. Many that have experienced the vessels report hearing a buzzing sound that seems to come from inside their head vibrating their eardrums.  Every sound we hear produces minute vibrations on the surface of the eardrum which in turn translates into nerve impulses which the brain then decodes. Very close-matched sounds create multiple sets of ripples across the eardrum which the brain attempts to make sense of and put into a file. The pitches of each vessel are almost identical but the minute differences in pitch produce a psycho-acoustic effect that has been likened to ‘sonic ayahuasca’.


Have Vessels Will Travel

A few years ago I became keeper of a group of Sacred Peruvian Whistling vessels that were created in 1985 for the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. They were created by a group of holy men that bestowed them upon Michael LightWeaver, a wonderful global leader who worked tirelessly to bring lightworkers together before internet and cell phones and instant anything. I was part of that global family. I always held that sacred experience of blowing the vessel in my soul, their sound permeated every cell of me and I never forgot that sound. Many many moons later they found their way back to the one that always cherished their memory….me!

The vessels have asked me to start sharing their teachings and healing activation sounds with others. Many holy people and lightworker from 1987 forward has placed their truths and healing breath into these vessels. They share their timeless teachings and love imbued into the clay vessel even though they no longer are on earth. This is a powerful experience and not to be toyed with or taken lightly. If you are ready to clear and heal and hear beyond this space and time then this psycho-acoustic experience is for you.


Requirements for the vessels to travel

Reservations are a must!


****6-10 people no more- no less/ (not counting host)

****2 -hour session max which includes

***introduction and history of vessels

 ***breathing techniques to enhance the experience

***these vessels will empower, clear, heal, and release karma

***hands on experience with each vessel


These are holy objects that are asking for your breath to be part of their field of Light

$22 per person per group session/

Fee is for presentation by Gillian not for the Vessels they are priceless!


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