Crystal Goddess Conclave 2017

Crystal Goddess Conclave 2017
Mt Ida Arkansas Crystal Capital USA
Thursday, September 28 to Sunday, October 1, 2017
 Your Hostess of Light at this event is Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

’The Goddess’ has been called to the land and lakes of healing & crystals to give of her heart, her beauty, and her healing love. The inner earth crystals have shifted as has the Earth herself.  Mt Ida Arkansas is the Crystal Capital of the United States, it is a living crystal grid that responds to every thought. Mt. Ida is a humble place filled with really good people, beautiful healing lakes and rolling green hills. To me it is just like being home in the Tennessee Smokey Mountains.

In Ancient Greece Mt. Ida was known as the Sacred Place of the Goddess, all powers were magnified on this holy Mountain. At its summit, the Olympian gods gathered while the goddesses kept the mountain itself sanctified. Zeus himself was raised on Mt Ida hidden by his mother to keep him safe.

Mt Ida Arkansas is 27 miles from Hot Springs nestled in old healing trees and ancient mountains and springs. Many moons ago my husband and I went to Mt. Ida and actually got our marriage license in the little city hall and then went on to mine twin flames (dark and light) phantoms at one of the local mines, It was quit extraordinary.

For this ‘Crystal Goddess Conclave’ I have secured a property that is 5 acres on a quiet rd, in Mt. Ida Arkansas close to the therapeutic waters of Lake Quachita. On this healing property are several housing/ sleeping options. There is a big fire pit perfect for all things Goddess from s’mores to Peruvian Whistling vessels, drums, and crystal bowls.


$444 for all includes your lodging at the Goddess House in Mt. Ida Arkansans, (space is limited and you will be sharing a space with other Ladies of Light /ear-plugs provided)  All wonderful meals listed above, the crystal dig goddess style (the mine owners will supply us with some tools) all ceremony, teachings and more


Contact  Gillian at for more info

if you are looking for someone to ride with or carpool let me know

its a long drive from all of our states about 9.5 hrs. from Dandridge TN




Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa

P.O. Box 1268,

994 Mountain Harbor Road,

Mount Ida, AR 71957-1268

(870) 867-2191




Shangri La Resort

987 Shangri la Dr,

Mount Ida, AR 71957

(870) 867-2011


Crystal Inn

3489 Highway 270 E

Mt. Ida AR

(870) 867-2643