Druid Power Stone


Power Stone

This power piece is one of a kind and  Druidic in nature. it awakens after a long sleep. This stone is magical and powerful on numerous levels. The vibration of what has been kept sacred and secret rises from a long emergence and announces knowledge that has been cloistered away.

 The Druids, ancient priests of Britain & Ireland, have long kindled the imagination of the world. Earliest mention of Druids comes during the 1st century BC, referring to wise men, observers of natural phenomena and philosophers who led nature-based religious ceremonies. Some accounts suggested that the stone circles at Avebury and Stonehenge were druidic temples. Many of the megalithic monuments in Great Britain were thought to be temples and altars of druids.


The title “Druid” (which means “oak knowledge”) was bestowed only on highly regarded members of the community. Druidic practice focused on many nature gods. the Druids maintained a secretive oral transmission of their wisdom. Nothing was ever written on parchment. Ceremonies took place near lakes and rivers and in tree groves. The oak and the mistletoe were thought of as holy plants.

Think of the Druids as an ancient Celtic political and religious network that connected like-minded practitioners within a given region. They were far-sighted, experienced, and highly esteemed members of the community—the “movers and shakers” of their day.

Druids took on the roles of clergy, scholars, judges, and teachers. Suppression of the Druids led to the rise of the “bardic school,” Druids and bards were common in medieval Wales and Ireland. Singer’s poets, and diviners, who interpreted sacrifices to foretell the future. The bards kept Druidic practices alive by myths, and songs.

Use this powerful double terminator phantom Druid stone as a special standing stone, a doorway, a portal to ancient truths that are ready to show themselves. Call out the druid within you to stand her ground on a planet that is in need of a deep healing. Feel the raw power that comes from the earth into this power piece then shoots out the other direction.

Within all of us lives the ability to walk between the worlds. An ancient knowing that we and the elements are one. A remembering that we are existing in all levels of Light simultaneity and it can be no other way. These natural beauties come to ask us to move beyond the ordinary into a place of extraordinary.

Double Terminated crystals bridge all things -two energy points, two chakras, two people, two places.  They work by simultaneously absorbing and emitting energy in both directions.  These powerful crystals can be used to amplify energy and intention.  A double terminator crystal emits energy simultaneously at both ends channeling it in two directions.  A double terminated crystal is a stone of balance; it can provide a bridge between two energy points. 

This powerful crystal is very useful in healing as it absorbs and disperses negative energy, breaks old patterns, assists in overcoming depression, or can be used to integrate previously blocked parts of the self.  When placed on the third eye, this crystal will enhance psychic abilities and intuition. Double Terminator Crystals allow for multiple levels of energies to be simultaneously bridged.

 Phantoms are the keys to Time. The phantom crystal has experienced numerous lifetimes, of learning, and “being”, while continuing in the same physical configuration; the crystal represents the many phases of life, which may be experienced simultaneously.  The structure within the crystal exhibits triangular and pyramidal formations, these formations emanate the energy to shift and awaken all livingness. The phantom allows the earth to have total recall.  Using these beautiful crystals during mercury retro and mercury eclipse will be a powerful remembering tool. The beauty of the phantom assists in one truly seeing the magnificence of the perfect undisturbed state of light inside. Phantoms can also be used to access the Akashic records of ones future, past and multidimensional lives.

 A phantom can help you heal from being hurt, past/present/future and  heal deep emotional injuries. These are important crystals that will usually come into your life at a time when you are ready to heal. Just sitting with this crystal will help you heal the pain.  The phantom crystal has experienced numerous lifetimes, of learning, and “being”, while continuing in the same physical configuration; the crystal represents the many phases and the many types of life, which may be experienced symbolizing universal awareness.  The energy of the phantoms work to bring together the participants of humanity to save the planet. It is one of the Earth stones to be used for redemption and cleansing of the earth and initiation thru healing

 The structure within the crystal exhibits triangular and pyramidal formations.  These formations emanate the energy to renew, and facilitate the spiritual health of earth. The phantom allows the earth to recall how it was prior to any destruction; allowing for smooth earth changes during the corrective healing processes.  It is an excellent tool for meditation and connecting with the higher realms of knowledge. It can also be used to access the Akashic records of future and past-lives. Utilization of these stones to facilitate access to past-lives/future lives.

 The phantom crystal can also be used to assist one in meeting a spiritual guides and teachers.  Each phantom records the exact time in history when it was formed: you may well be looking at dust that is 200 million years old. These are the keys and the recorders of the past. The phantom is a great reservoir of untapped energy.

this powerful Druid stone weighs 6 pounds 3 oz./ 16 inches long/  raw on back/ phantoms/ rainbows/ double terminator

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